1. Elser, an “exemplary” Bloom in many respects, committed a bomb attack on Hitler on the 8th of November 1939, with the simple motive that he thought that Hitler was a “bad man.” This attack only failed because of a surprising stroke of bad luck. A second, equally incredible stroke of bad luck, gave rise to his arrest on the Swiss border in the course of his escape. He was never tried for his crime; instead he was detained in various camps, with the unique status of Führerssonderhaftling (exceptional prisoner of the Fuhrer). Eichmann’s trial, that of a Bloom who splits himself into a subject of the law and a real, veritable, interior man, and thus claims to have himself not been the subject of his acts, shows quite clearly the impossibility of judging Bloom, that is, of fathoming him within the terms, and according to the principles, of justice.

  2. Raw Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl [http://younggirl.jottit.com] is found in issue number one of Tiqqun.

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